All About Metadata

This past August, I took a 4-week course through Library Juice Academy that taught me different types of metadata as well as metadata schemas such as EAD, MOD, MAD, Dublin Core, and VRACore. I think that cataloging should be a required course in all library schools. Even if you never plan on being a cataloger or doing anything in technical services, it is vital to learn how a library works, in and out, I believe.

Halloween Lanterns

Last week, I arranged a craft program on creating Halloween lanterns through glass jars, acrylic paint, and tea lights.

I spray-painted all the jars before the program started.

You can see some of people’s Halloween jars below:

If you would like to make your own program with this craft, here are the directions. (Link)

While this site provides art for you to put on the lanterns, you can also find your own with the help of Google. I found many of mine by looking up silhouettes relating to Halloween.


Sometimes it still feels weird that I am an official librarian. I guess I always thought that once I graduated, I would physically change in some way. I know that sounds weird, but I feel that I am still learning the ropes. I think it’s a good thing I chose this profession though. I like to be somewhere where lifelong learning is part of the career.

I got a pleasant surprise this morning and received my certification as a Level V Public Librarian for Oklahoma. I am looking forward to growing and developing myself more as an official librarian.

Summer 2021 Programming

This has been quite the learning experience for me as I was in charge of the Summer Reading Program for adults. Here is what I have done and will be doing.

I set up a reading challenge for patrons 18 years of age and up through Beanstack. The Summer Reading Challenge was to complete 5 out of 13 book reading challenges. Once you registered for the program, you were eligible to come to the library and select a free of your choice from the Reference desk. If you completed 5 challenges, your name will be entered for a drawing at the end of July, and two people will be randomly chosen for a Kindle tablet.

Flyer for Adult Summer Reading Program 2021.

This was also where I hosted the first Book Affair meeting. The APL Book Affair is a book club dedicated to reading romance novels. The first meeting was on June 24th.

The second meeting will be on July 31st. Our first book selection was Alisha Rai’s The Right Swipe. The second book selection will be Julia Quinn’s The Duke and I.

Flyer for the APL Book Affair

A program I created at the start of Summer Reading was the Dragon Eye Model. This take-home craft was set up to celebrate the Summer Reading Program’s theme of Tails and Tales. People were given supplies to make their dragon eyes from modeling clay. I posted some photographs of how people made their own dragon eyes. The results were gorgeous and creative!

Flyer for Dragon Eye Take-Home Kit.
First Dragon Eye I received from a patron.
Second set of eyes I received from a patron. With my kit, you could make 3-4 dragon eyes.
Third set of eyes from two sibling patrons. I loved how they colored them!
Here’s the dragon eyes I made myself! It was one of the easiest crafts I’ve done, but the results are so majestic to behold!

In July, I collaborated with Ardmore’s Parks and Recreation to have an outdoors movie screening for families. We chose the film, Zootopia to go with this year’s theme.

Flyer for the event.

The last event I chose to go for the Tails and Tales theme was the Sketchbook Project. Patrons can check out our sketchbook for a week and fill in the pages with as much animal-related art as they want. Once the sketchbook is filled out, the names of the participants and the sketchbook will be added to Ardmore’s collection for the public to view.

I can’t wait to see what creativity is in store for this program.

Strange Readings: A Reference Search Into the Unknown

This is a virtual program that was first started on May 11, 2020. Its last episode premiered October 20, 2020. The program covered true crime and the paranormal. I hosted a discussion for each episode with a different co-host. My last two episodes were with professors from the Department of Criminal Justice of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Researching and creating this program was a wonderful learning experience. I am considering doing another season in 2021, but we shall see. In the meantime, I have the playlist of the episodes down below.

Playlist of Strange Readings Episodes 2020